JCP REALTY, INC. has been set up 2/1/1973 in state DE. The current status of the business is Inactive. The JCP REALTY, INC. principal adress is 6501 LEGACY DR, PLANO, TX, 75024. Meanwhile you can send your letters to P.O. BOX 10001, MS 1205, DALLAS, TX, 75301. The company`s registered agent is FL. The company`s management are Secretary - Gerhard Susan G, Vice President, President, , - Chau Windon, President - Syverson Bradley. The last significant event in the company history is WITHDRAWAL which is dated by 1/26/2016. This decision is take in action on unknown. The company annual reports filed on Annual reports – 4/30/2015.

Company number 829408
Status Inactive
FEI number 132709537
Company Type Foreign for Profit
Home State DE
Last activity date 1/26/2016
Date Of Incorporation 2/1/1973
Principal Address 6501 LEGACY DR, PLANO, TX, 75024
Mailing Address P.O. BOX 10001, MS 1205, DALLAS, TX, 75301

JCP REALTY, INC. Principals

Susan G Gerhard

Secretary Gerhard Susan G
Address 6501 LEGACY DR, PLANO, TX, 75024

Windon Chau

Vice President, President, , Chau Windon
Address 6501 LEGACY DR., PLANO, TX, 75024

Bradley Syverson

President Syverson Bradley
Address 6501 LEGACY DRIVE, PLANO, TX, 75024

Last Annual Reports

2015 4/30/2015
2015 4/30/2015
2014 3/26/2014

Registered Agent

Agent Name (p)
Agent Address FL


1/26/2016 WITHDRAWAL